If you missed the partnership meeting: Here's a Recap!

Hunter,Wood,HandlerTobacco Free Alachua just held its March Partnership Meeting at the FDOH – Alachua John Henry Thomas Health Center. We were joined by special guests Kim Barnhill, Deputy Secretary for County Health Systems, Eric Handler, Health Officer for Orange County, and Emma Humphries Civic Engagement Coordinator at the Bob Graham Center at the meeting.

Tobacco Free Alachua Vice Chair Victoria Hunter opened the meeting with an update about the progress the partnership has made to increase smoke-free bars and nightlife options to reduce young adult exposure to secondhand smoke. Partnership member, Marilyn Headley gave an update on Tobacco Free Alachua’s work with local employers, before John Michael Gonzales, provided an overview of food and tobacco in the Alachua County retail environment, introducing the main topic of the meeting.

After the overview, Andrew Romero and Anna Watson shared data related to tobacco availability in the retail environment; while UF partners, Jessica King and Parker Hinson, shared data related to food in the retail environment. As they presented, attendees provided feedback and suggestions on how to analyze the data throughout the meeting. Dr. Eric Handler, especially, was on hand to share his expertise as founder of  Waste Not OC and offer suggestions on how to interpret the food data gathered by the team.

To conclude the meeting attendees discussed other community organizations that may be able to use the collected data. Tobacco Free Alachua will  look into the various suggestions provided by the meeting attendees, while continuing to analyze the data. Tobacco Free Alachua partners were invited to share the collected data at an upcoming Healthy Communities meeting, June 5, 2015.

If you are interested in attending the upcoming Healthy Communities meeting or finding out more about the topics that will be presented, please let us know. Join us as we share knowledge about the tobacco and retail environment in Alachua County!

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