Spring 2014 Graduating Interns & Partnership Leaders

Tobacco Free Alachua is proud to work with some of the best students the University of Florida has to offer. These students have been integral members of Tobacco Free Alachua through their work as partnerships chairs and interns. Therefore, Tobacco Free Alachua would like to congratulate our graduating interns and partnership chairs for the year 2013-2014. Good Luck in your future endeavors!

Blosmeli Leon

image.gifThis past year (2013-2014) as Chair of the Tobacco Free Alachua partnership, has given me the opportunity to work with partners with the a goal to achieve the same purpose, it will remain unforgettable to me. Being part of TFA provided me with tools to reach out to our community and provide them with ways to better acknowledge public health. Being a leader in Gainesville allowed me to grow not only as a professional in public health but also as an individual within a community advocacy role. I feel very proud of all the accomplishments we had this past year and the many that are still to come. It was an honor to have led such a prosperous partnership where conversations on tobacco prevention are endless.

Alyssa Wang

alyssa (2)It has been an honor serving as the 2013-2014 Vice Chair for the Tobacco Free Alachua partnership. Not only has it been a fantastic public health experience to compliment my education, but I have also been able to give back by advocating for e-cigarette ordinances and other tobacco-free measures in the community. This legislative season has been a controversial year concerning e-cigarettes. I am glad to have had the opportunity to engage in this issue at such a critical time and to provide my resources and support fighting the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.I grew from this experience in terms of my political knowledge and comfort speaking during county and city meetings. If students are looking for a true civic experience and for ways to get involved in their local government and community, get involved with Tobacco Free Alachua. This experience has benefited my goal to become a health policy analyst, as well as made me a more aware and active citizen.

Magda Schmitzberger

Magda Headshot

My time at Tobacco Free Alachua has been invaluable in shaping me as a public health professional. I have learned the vital role health policy work plays in improving health outcomes, especially in prevention and cessation of tobacco. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Andrew, Marilyn, and John-Michael, who have fostered an environment of professional development while simultaneously challenging and encouraging me in all of my efforts. The skills and first-hand public health policy experience I have gained throughout this internship will remain with me throughout my career.
Upon graduating with my Master’s in Public Health in May, I will be pursuing a job that will allow me to continue my passion for public health.

Chelsea Stacy

Chelsea StacyFrom my time at TFA, I have gained a knowledge of public health policy that I can use to further pursue my interest in public health.  I have learned about how much work it takes for public policy to be put into action, and I feel that this experience will help me become a well-rounded public health official in the future.

After my internship, I will be moving to Colorado to attend graduate school at the University of Colorado- Denver. I plan on complete a Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in global epidemiology.

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