Kangaroo Express tempts patrons

kangarooWhile CVS Health has taken the initiative to place the health of the community they enter ahead of profits, not all businesses feel the same. In a recent article, The Independent Florida Alligator examined Kangaroo Express’s new promotion, offering a free 16-ounce coffee to any customer who presents a CVS ExtraCare Health card with a cigarette purchase. Kangaroo Express has created a promotion that places profits above the health of the patrons they serve within the Alachua County community.

Kangaroo Express’s promotion comes on the heels of CVS’s announcement that they have reached their goal to stop selling tobacco early September. While it is not clear, whether all Kangaroo Express stores in the United States have this promotion, Ashley Garrett, manager of a Kangaroo Express in Alachua County, said her district has about 10 stores offering the deal. Alachua County has about 30 Kangaroo Express locations alone. The promotion not only disregards the health of the community, it gives people an incentive to buy cigarettes, because an individual who buys a cigarette will receive a free coffee, essentially a Starbucks Grande.

Kangaroo Express’s new promotion illustrates the importance of profit over health, by exploiting smokers and those who may want to quit. Send Kangaroo Express a message by supporting other convenience stores and gas stations in Alachua County.

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